Sky Islands is contracted within a novel ad-tech and security OEM sales organization to provide a well-established, yet recently commercially available government-use technology to market. We also provide business loans to support traditionally underserved or challenging industries. 

Sky Islands is organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed and authorized under the laws of the State of Colorado, and is led by Robert Ford, serving as Managing Member.

With over 16 years in advisory roles focused on culture-leading commercial technologies ranging from renewable energy to advanced horticulture systems and cryptocurrency philanthropy, Robert is adept at deploying up-and-coming opportunities and consulting on innovative engagement strategies. Environmental stewardship and a think-global-act-local mentality are of critical importance to him. Mottos that guide his approach are to Lead With Love and to Be a Good Ancestor.

We are actively targeting commercial properties to host revenue-generating equipment. If you believe you have an ideal location for this technology, then we'd love to chat.

Please contact us at

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